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"It's an event based on real facts, and I have the task to play, perhaps, the most noble role - that of the Ambassador.
Regardless of the context, crises or wars, I remain in solidarity and connected to causes that cannot be postponed, I pass through the filter of empathy these pains that have no communication strategies and I look at my two hands which I use to help out and ask for help from those around me Poor children, abused women, young people without a chance at the future, the animals without protection, the forests cleared abusively; all are waging a daily war and fighting for a "tomorrow" where it is not too late, and you and I have a mission to relieve pain and be heroes not only online or at organized protests, but every day.
The vulnerabilities of 2022 can also mean a chance to open our souls to strangers end even to change lives, to awaken humanity to kindness and compassion, and to convey hope and confidence in tomorrow.

I set out, together with Artmark, to gather Ambassadors of Good Deeds and support, not only on holidays, but every day, every month, noble causes that deserve all the attention. I believe in the social spirit, which is stronger now than ever, I believe in the power of people to change destinies and transform the world in which we live.
I joined the Good Deeds Auction because it is a platform for society, a place where human history takes another shape.


Regardless of the context, crises or wars, we remain united and connected to charitable causes that cannot be postponed, becoming ambassadors of good deeds.
We bring joy not only on special occasions or holidays, but every day, turning good deeds into a noble tradition, offering continuous support to saving lives and developing the society.
We have developed a noble tool to achieve Good Deeds: the emblematic charity event - Good Deeds Auction, which opens its doors for the second edition, bringing together under the dome of solidarity, organizations and foundations whose objective is humanitarian causes.
The most important charity event of 2022 aims to bring good deeds to society, bringing together key areas such as health, education, sports, local development, environmental and animal protection, non-discrimination and social inclusion or culture.
Anyone can become the Ambassador of Good Deeds - companies that adopt social responsibility as an internal value, individuals, but also art lovers, in solidarity with the charitable actions that Artmark Auction House launches.
The Good Deeds Auction will take place every year in December, and Artmark provides the auction platform and offers logistical support for the charity event.


1. Sports

2. Health

3. Environmental protection

4. Protection of Animals

5. Non-discrimination and social inclusion

6. Culture

7. Education

8. Professional associations

9. Violence and Hate Speech


The most important charity event of 2021 took place on December 8 and collected over 200,000 euros for the 6 participating foundations, whose objective was humanitarian causes - Agent Green Association, Blondie Association, Romanian Red Cross, Digital Nation Foundation, Hope and Homes for Children and the Military Veterans Association.

In 2021, with the launch of the premiere project, the Good Deeds Auction became the platform that brings together charitable causes of associations, foundations with tradition, but also of individuals who need help for a specific cause.

The causes of the 6 foundations involved in the charity project received donations and support both from companies and individuals, but also from some public figures of the Romanian society.


The highest art is the art of giving. Over the years, the A10 by Artmark Auction House has set its goal to contributing to charitable causes. Therefore, we work with artists, cultural and non-governmental organizations to give support to those who need it the most.

Through Artmark LIVE, we bring all good people together. Our online auction platform benefits from thousands of accounts of art lovers and cultural managers who support - by participating - the charity auctions. We are happy to know that the users of our platform have shown their continued support for charitable deeds as auction participants.

Organizing auctions online makes it easy and secure for anyone to contribute to causes through the A10 by Artmark account. We are thus at the disposal of priority humanitarian causes and long-standing NGOs that can support the organization of charitable events of broad social benefit.

We have had the honour and the mission of a long-lasting association with organizations such as Save the Children Romania - Christmas Tree Festival (2 editions), Hospice Casa Speranței Foundation - Fundraising auctions for incurably ill children (3 editions), Military Veterans Association AMVVD, to support the construction of the Recovery, Recuperation and Rehabilitation Centre for Veterans (2 editions) and UNITER Awards Gala (5 editions).

The charity auctions to be marked on the A10 calendar are the Auction in support of the Doina Cornea Memorial House, 2020, Charity Auction in support of the Union of Fine Artists, 2020, "Beauty Saves the World", Campaign in support of the National Red Cross Society, 2020, Grivița 53 Theatre Construction Project, 2019, Princess Marina Sturdza Collection Charity Auction, 2018 - funds raised will go to Hope and Homes for Children, FARA Foundation, The Hospices of Hope, Pro Patrimonio and St. Dimitrie Foundation and last but not least, the Charity Event

"Art for Children", together with Princess Sturdza, Generation Europe Romania Association and UNICEF Romania, in 2014. At the same time, Artmark has supported, through donations, local humanitarian projects of Lions and Rotary clubs in various years.

Anyone can do good deeds through Artmark!

The expertise of the auction house is the bond of trust between the organizer and the participants. We are thus putting ourselves at the service of the organizers - both through the Artmark Live platform, which gathers thousands of users, and through the charity auction tools. A10 by Artmark supports events organized by entities such as the national Rotary clubs of Romania (Sibiu, Bucharest, etc.), the Bucharest Stock Exchange or Kronospan (Brașov).