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Payment in instalments

Don’t put your passions on hold any longer! Be a strategic collector! Buy now, pay later!

Artmark encourages and supports the intentions of collectors to invest in their passion for art by giving them the opportunity to purchase works of art and pay for them in installments over a span of a maximum of 12 months. This option is available for long-term collectors and loyal clients with a positive Artmark history, a stable financial position, and a good reputation in the art aficionados’ community.

This payment facility applies to art purchases exceeding EUR 20,000 per piece (i.e. not cumulatively). In order to benefit from this opportunity, collectors should contact Artmark's Sales Department prior to the auction date, and check for eligibility.

This facility is granted based on a consensus reached prior to the auction, which is grounded on a specific-risk analysis and a signed agreement as to the payment in installments after the auction. The purpose of this option is to support a better budgeting and management of personal funds destined for visual education and for the gradual development of one’s own art collection. Now is the time to expand your collection!

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